Emerging Technologies are one of the Challenges of Future Cooperation among Supreme Audit Institutions

The Supreme Audit Institutions of the European region and their uniting organisation EUROSAI have identified the need to collaborate in the development of emerging technologies as one of the key challenges for the future by gradually introducing the latest technological solutions into auditing like automation and robotisation, data analysis tools, and artificial intelligence. The need for cooperation not only in Europe but also globally is recognised by the heads of supreme audit institutions of 12 European countries during the EUROSAI Governing Board meeting held in Latvia.

During the press conference, EUROSAI President and President of the Turkish Court of Accounts Mr Seyit Ahmet Baş highlighted key modern challenges like emergencies, to which audit institutions also should adapt. “Cybersecurity threats, digitalisation of data, and artificial intelligence, the rapid development of technologies, disaster preparedness, ageing populations, refugee, and migration issues are just some of the challenges that auditing institutions around the world must be prepared to so that the general public would receive the best and most efficient public administration services. Communication also plays an important role today, as citizens are entitled to receive clear information about the results of the work of supreme audit institutions. There is a need for cooperation at regional and global level to tackle those challenges so that we can implement changes in the activities of supreme audit institutions following the changes and global trends jointly.”

 EUROSAI Secretary-General and President of the Court of Accounts of Spain Ms María José de la Fuente has stressed that public trust is key value and task of the supreme audit institutions. At the same time, EUROSAI, as an association of supreme audit institutions in the region, is not afraid of new challenges, methods, and technologies because of its cooperative synergy among its member organisations shape its strength. Therefore, it is essential to be open, to share their knowledge and experience to the benefit of all European citizens. Therefore, it is crucial to be open, share our knowledge and experience for the benefit of all Europeans. “Public sector auditors can deliver the confidence to the public that public interest will be protected at the national parliaments. We will follow that the governments of our countries manage state funds and resources according to the needs and interests of all citizens,” stated the EUROSAI Secretary-General.

 Member of the EUROSAI Governing Board and Auditor General of the Republic of Latvia Ms Elita Krūmiņa has affirmed that Latvia actively participates in professional discussions on public sector audits both in Europe and worldwide, “Truth is an efficient tool in the fight for better, fairer public administration in the interest of every member of society. The ability to explain the benefits of the work of supreme audit institutions to the public clearly and the ability to assess and explain the impact of the work of public sector auditors on each citizen’s wallet are just as important as openness to dynamic change and ongoing professional development of auditors in their daily lives.”

 The EUROSAI Governing Board consists of the supreme audit institutions from eight European countries, each responsible for its field of activity. Representatives of EUROSAI Governing Board, Heads of supreme audit institutions from Turkey, Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, Finland, Netherlands, Moldova, Latvia, and the EUROSAI Working Group leaders, the Heads of supreme audit institutions from Estonia, Lithuania, Portugal, and Ukraine have met in Latvia.

Background information:
• EUROSAI groups together 49 Supreme Audit Institutions from European countries and the European Court of Auditors. EUROSAI is one of the Regional Groups of the International Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI). One of the key operational objectives of the organisation is to support member organisations to strengthen their role in professional public sector governance.

• EUROSAI has set up five international working groups with representatives from the Supreme Audit Institutions of the European region:
- Working Group on Environmental Auditing (Leading country Estonia);
- Working Group on Information Technologies (Leading country Poland);
- EUROSAI Working Group on the Audit of Funds Allocated to Disasters and Catastrophes (Leading country Ukraine);
- Task Force on Municipality Audit (Leading country Lithuania);
- Task Force Audit & Ethics (Leading country, Portugal).



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