Heads of Supreme Audit Institutions from 12 European Countries Will Meet in Latvia

There will be a meeting of 12 Heads of supreme audit institutions of the European region to discuss the future tasks of public sector auditing at the Governing Board meeting of the European Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions (EUROSAI) in Latvia next week. Global trends like digitalisation, the development of artificial intelligence, cyber security, and other regional and global challenges are also critical issues that the national supreme audit institutions pay attention to. The 50th Governing Board meeting of EUROSAI organised by the State Audit Office of the Republic of Latvia this time will take place in Latvia on June 12 and 13.

EUROSAI President and President of the Turkish Court of Auditors Mr Seyit Ahmet Baş stated, “Strategic management of the organisation during decision-making process is one of the tasks of the EUROSAI Governing Board that ensures efficient functioning of our organisation, adaptation to the changing environment and the interests of its members. EUROSAI is like a big family that always cares about its members and is aware of the values that are important to the citizens of member countries. Therefore, EUROSAI is working to improve the efficiency of public administration for the benefit of the European citizens. Managing supreme audit institutions in the most efficient way possible is also essential in this process, so that we can set an example for others by our actions. This, in its turn, is an indispensable incentive for EUROSAI to promote the continuous development of our members and closer cooperation in building our professional capacity.”

Auditor General Elita Krūmiņa emphasises, “It is a great honour for the State Audit Office of the Republic of Latvia to host the leaders of the European Supreme Audit Institutions, that is, Heads of the supreme audit institutions of seven countries, in whose actions as the EUROSAI Governing Board 49 European countries trust. We are convinced that responsibility for the efficient management of public resources, open and constructive dialogue with the public and development-focused cooperation among the supreme audit institutions and the public sector are crucial for strengthening the basis of democratic states.”

The EUROSAI Governing Board consists of the supreme audit institutions from eight European countries, each responsible for its field of activity. Representatives of EUROSAI Governing Board, Heads of supreme audit institutions from Turkey, Czech Republic, Poland, Spain, Finland, Netherlands, Moldova, Latvia, and the EUROSAI Working Group leaders, the Heads of supreme audit institutions from Estonia, Lithuania, Portugal, and Ukraine will gather in Latvia. The State Audit Office of the Republic of Latvia is a member of the EUROSAI Governing Board since 2017 and ensures the strategic advancement of the organisation’s communication.

A press conference will be convened at the premises of Baltic Beach Hotel in Latvia, Jūrmala at 11 a.m. on June 12 to inform media representatives of the current and future challenges of EUROSAI and European Supreme Audit Institutions in Europe. EUROSAI President and President of the Turkish Court of Auditors Mr Seyit Ahmet Baş, EUROSAI Secretary-General and President of the Court of Auditors of Spain Ms María José de la Fuente, and Member of the EUROSAI Governing Board and Auditor General of the Republic of Latvia Ms Elita Krūmiņa will attend the press conference.

Additional information:
Ms Ilze Salna
Communication Advisor to the Auditor General
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E-mail: Ilze.Salna@lrvk.gov.lv

Ms Zaiga Barvida
Senior Specialist on International Communication Issues International Cooperation Division
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E-mail: Zaiga.Barvida@lrvk.gov.lv

Background information:

• EUROSAI groups together 49 Supreme Audit Institutions from European countries and the European Court of Auditors. EUROSAI is one of the Regional Groups of the International Organisation of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI). One of the key operational objectives of the organisation is to support member organisations to strengthen their role in professional public sector governance.
• EUROSAI has set up five international working groups with representatives from the Supreme Audit Institutions of the European region:
- Working Group on Environmental Auditing (Leading country Estonia);
- Working Group on Information Technologies (Leading country Poland);
- EUROSAI Working Group on the Audit of Funds Allocated to Disasters and Catastrophes (Leading country Ukraine);
- Task Force on Municipality Audit (Leading country Lithuania);
- Task Force Audit & Ethics (Leading country, Portugal).



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