EUROSAI Coordination Team and 50th EUROSAI Governing Board Meetings Will Be Held in Latvia in June

EUROSAI Coordination Team and 50th EUROSAI Governing Board (GB) Meetings will be held in Latvia in 11 June 2019 and 12-13 June 2019 respectively in the city of Jurmala of Latvia where the EUROSAI President and the President of the Turkish Court of Accounts (TCA), Mr. Seyit Ahmet BAŞ, will chair the meetings and the SAI of Latvia will be the host.

The Coordination Team (CT) meeting, which will be carried out in advance of the Governing Board meeting, provides a good opportunity to discuss beforehand the fundamental, administrative and strategic issues that are on the agenda of the GB and creates an environment for the CT members (SAIs of Turkey, Poland, Czech Republic as members, SAI of Spain as observer and SAIs of Sweden and Germany as guests) to exchange the ideas on many issues getting a better insight.

In the 50th Governing Board meeting, which will be attended by GB members, non-GB Coleaders of Strategic Goals, EUROSAI Working Group and Task Force representatives and observers, has a very busy agenda with the strategic and administrative issues of the EUROSAI. Overall implementation of the Strategic Goals and the Governance Portfolios as well as the update of the Operational Plan will be one of the main focus points of the GB meeting while the activity of EUROSAI Working Groups and Task Forces, financial issues, presentations and issues regarding the XI EUROSAI Congress (2020) and issues on the relations with INTOSAI will also be elaborated in detail.

Being the first GB meeting after the adoption of the “Key Principles and Good Practices for Governing as a Team” at the Off-site Meeting in November 2018 in İstanbul, broader consensus even on the contradictory issues and more concrete results in terms of the administrative and strategic issues are expected to be produced during this 2 days meeting through a very facilitating and constructive discussion environment.



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