Membership of Turkish Court of Accounts to the INTOSAI Working Group on Big Data (WGBD)

Turkish Court of Accounts (TCA) has become a member of INTOSAI Working Group on Big Data (WGBD) which is a specialized working group with the objective to identify the challenges and opportunities SAIs are facing in the era of big data, share knowledge and experience among SAIs and leverage bilateral and multilateral technical cooperation.

The TCA, is working continuously on the development of new techniques and methods for processing extensive amount of data collected; designing methodologies for using computerised audit systems and improve the implementation of CAATTs into the auditing process by creating new data analysis scenarios for error checking, risk assessment and data verification; enhancing the usage of IT technologies in auditing processes like developing sampling analysis and performing these analytic procedures on a frequent basis for automation and continuous monitoring.

TCA aims to provide contribution by sharing newly developed methodologies covering many levels of audit function and good practice examples with other SAIs and also it aims to benefit from the experiences of other member SAIs about big data.



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