Online XI EUROSAI Congress was held

XI EUROSAI Congress was held via online platform on 14 April 2021 with the participation of 48 EUROSAI members.

The Congress started with the speech of Mr. Seyit Ahmet Baş as the outgoing President of EUROSAI and continued with the Handover Ceremony of the EUROSAI Presidency from Turkish Court of Accounts to the Supreme Audit Office of Czech Republic.

After the speech of Mr. Miloslav Kala, the President of SAI of Czech Republic, general plenary session of the Congress started with the approval of agenda, rules of procedure and list of observers of the meeting.

In the second part of the Congress, the Report on Implementation of the EUROSAI 2017-2021 Presidency Programme which summarizes the most highlighted activities during the Presidency of TCA was presented by Mr. Seyit Ahmet BAŞ and the report was followed by the EUROSAI Activity Report 2017-2021 presented by the EUROSAI Secretariat.

In the third part of the meeting, the Consolidated Progress Reports of Strategic Goals 1&2 and Governance Portfolios were presented and the Congress took note of the reports. The reports were followed by the activity reports of the Working Groups and Task Forces.

After discussing the financial issues such as Auditor’s report and EUROSAI budget, the elections were held for EUROSAI positions. As a result of the elections:

* SAI of Israel was elected as the next President of EUROSAI and will host the XII EUROSAI Congress,

* SAIs of the United Kingdom and Lithuania were elected as the new members of Governing Board and

* SAIs of Bulgaria and Crotia were elected as the auditors

During the final part of the Congress, cooperation with INTOSAI and IDI was discussed and meeting ended with closing remarks of Mr. Kala, the new President of EUROSAI.



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