53rd EUROSAI Governing Board has ended

53rd Governing Board Meeting was held with the participation of the Presidents of Governing Board member SAIs (Czech Republic, Finland, Latvia, Moldova, Netherlands, Poland, Spain and Turkey). The meeting, chaired by Mr. Seyit Ahmet BAŞ the President of Turkish Court of Accounts (TCA) and EUROSAI, started with the approval of the agenda.

In the first part of the meeting, the EUROSAI Secretariat presented the EUROSAI Activity Report 2017-2021. Following the Report, the Report on Implementation of the EUROSAI 2017-2021 Presidency Programme which summarizes the most highlighted activities during the Presidency of TCA was presented by Mr. Seyit Ahmet BAŞ.

In the second part of the meeting, the progress reports of Strategic Goals 1&2 and Governance Portfolios were discussed and under the item about the report of Overall Governance and Culture Portfolio of the TCA, updates of some strategic documents such as General Procedures and Financial Rules were approved. In this part, the Governing Board also took note of the activity reports of the Working Groups an Task Forces.

In the third, fourth and final parts, the financial issues of EUROSAI, relations with INTOSAI and EUROSAI Congress issues such as candidadies for hosting the next Congress and GB membership were discussed.

The meeting ended with the the farewell speeches of the members leaving the GB.



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