Annual Summary Report 2020 of the State Audit Office of Hungary

In the framework of its statutory task and operation, State Audit Office of Hungary seeks to contribute to the realization of the well-governed state principle. To this end, besides its reporting activity, SAO of Hungary prepares its analyzes and studies on a regular basis dealing with wide range of socio-economic issues facilitating the decision-making of different stakeholders as well as publishing documentation in relation to its internal operation in order to enhance the transparency of its professional activity.

The Annual Summary Report of the State Audit Office of Hungary provides a broad overview on the activities of the SAO of Hungary in year 2020 containing special features, charts, eyecatcher visualizations, analytical chapters, and rapid essays on structural or systemic areas relevant to the international field.

In line with the INTOSAI motto "Mutual experience benefits all”, State Audit Office of Hungary aims with this value adding report to contribute to the international knowledge-sharing activity of the cohesive SAI community.



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