International Integrity e-Seminar of SAI Hungary Completed Successfully

The State Audit Office of Hungary organised the International Integrity “Good Practices” Seminar for the 8th time on 11-26 February 2021 having special focus on “The potential of artificial intelligence in preventing corruption, and on the reliability of measuring corruption”. The e-Seminar of two weeks long, including an e-course from 15th to 19th February 2021 and real-time workshops from 22nd to 26th February 2021, was accomplished with a high qualified participation and great success in terms of dissemination of practical exercises and collaborative activities.

The opening conference of this remarkable event was held on the 11th February 2021 online and brought participants together from more than 39 countries.

The main goal of the e-course was to give an insight on the integrity approach and on the development of an integrity management system introduced in Hungary in the last decade. Moreover the ultimate purpose of the e-course was to help the participants to create an implementation plan of the possible adaptation of the integrity approach in their own SAIs. The course was also oriented to help participants to define and share good practices and inspire the discussions throughout the following real-time workshops.

The live workshop series of the International Integrity Seminar got started following the e-course with the connection of participants from all over the globe, from Ecuador to the Philippines providing an opportunity to discuss the completed assignments uploaded by the participants.

Monday’s workshop focused on the concept of integrity, the possibilities of solving ethical dilemmas relying on the analysis of real life case studies and incidents.

Tuesday’s workshop was about the reliability of measuring corruption, enhancing the knowledge of delegates from other SAIs on reliable measurement methods and also contributing to the promotion of taking successful steps against corruption by sharing and discussing good practices.

Wednesday’s workshop handled the Integrity Survey methodology providing the participants with an opportunity to get acquainted with the SAO's integrity questionnaire and self-assessment system with the help of an abbreviated questionnaire, after learning the most important antecedents and methodological knowledge in the e-course curriculum.

Thursday’s workshop put the artificial intelligence and its potential in preventing corruption on its agenda and since explosive technological development requires innovative approaches and methods from all actors, including the supreme audit institutions.

And finally, Friday’s workshop was on the topic of Consolidation of Integrity in the Hungarian Public Sector 2011-2020 Integrity Audits.

Positive feedbacks from delegates during both the e-course and the workshop were also welcomed and presented via short video speeches on the website of SAO Hungary.

For these videos and more details about each step of this successfully completed event, please visit here.



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