5th Meeting of “EUROSAI Strategic Goal 1: Professional cooperation” is held with Success

Thanks to the great efforts of the SAI Lithuania as SG1 GB-Coleader and SAI of Germany as SG1 non-GB Coleader, 5th Meeting of “EUROSAI Strategic Goal 1: Professional cooperation” is held online with success on 15 September, 2021 with the participation of 60 representatives from approximately 30 SAIs.

Following the opening speeches of Mr. Macijauskas, President of SAI Lithuania and Mr. Scheller, President of SAI Germany, progress reports on current projects and progress reports of Working Groups and Task Forces were delivered. In this context the latest developments were presented on;

- BIEP, EUROSAI database of audits and products and training by SAI of Czech Republic,

- Parallel audit on Workforce 2030 by SAI of Israel,

- Investigations: Webinar/Summer school by SAI of Netherlands,

- COVID-19 Project Group by SAI of UK and

- Ethics Network by SAI of Croatia.

Similarly, SAIs of Estonia, Poland, Ukraine and Lithuania shared the up to date information related to the ITWG, WGEA, WGAFADC and TFMA respectively. Also in this session, representatives of the SAI Turkey shared two PG proposals with the participants in order to get their feedbacks and interest following the meeting.

In the second part of the meeting, parallel brainstorming sessions were held on the themes of “Clubs of experts” organized by SAI of Lithuania, “Emerging issues” by SAI of UK, “Merging of databases” by SAI of Czech Republic and “Traveling Webinar” by SAI of Israel. During these sessions, participants shared their opinions and perspectives on the themes put on the table, raised the problematic areas and tried to come up with sound solutions in an encouraging and participatory environment.

A consultation session requested by the EUROSAI Secretariat as the leader of the PG for the relaunch of the EUROSAI website was also carried out where the needs and expectations regarding the new EUROSAI website were discussed. Following the latest news shared by the EUROSAI Presidency and SG2 Coleaders, the meeting ended.



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