Peer Review Report of the Slovak SAI in on the way

The Peer Review of the Supreme Audit Office of the Slovak Republic (SAO SR) has been carried out since February 2020 by the Peer Review team composed of Finnish, Polish and Hungarian colleagues.

The State Audit Office of Hungary takes part in the process by evaluating the field of institutional communication. In the framework of collecting data and information; an evaluative questionnaire had been prepared, case studies were analysed, institutional operation was studied, and the practice of institutional communication was followed via the available online tools (website, social media, video sharing portals, news portals).

Following the phase of data collection which was closed at the meeting of December, the peer review team will now draft the peer review report based on all necessary information available. Once the final report is prepared through continuous consultations and under the direction of colleagues of the US GAO coordinating the peer review activity, it will be presented to the SAO SR.

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