EUROSAI 30th Anniversary Memorial Plantation Area Created

As well known, 12 November 2020 is the 30th anniversary of EUROSAI’s foundation in 1990; an organization now reached to 50 member SAIs and has accomplished many successful cooperative relations and works that add value to the audit community in 30 years.

For commemoration of the 30th anniversary of EUROSAI, Turkish Court of Accounts created a “Memorial Plantation Area” in Ankara, consisting of 66 trees of different species such as European white elm, Arizona cypress, Leyland cypress, Littleleaf linden and European oak; the trees that will represent our long-lasting cooperation.

50 of these trees are dedicated to all members, each carrying a name plate of esteemed EUROSAI member SAIs and 16 trees are also dedicated to esteemed former Presidents of EUROSAI as well as to EUROSAI Working Groups and Task Forces.

“Tree Planting Certificates” of EUROSAI member SAIs, WGs/TFs, EUROSAI Presidents and the Secretariat can be accessed here.

You can also access the video of President Mr. Seyit Ahmet Bas’s speech about Memorial Plantation Area here.

Many more 30 years for EUROSAI with health and success!



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