Roadmap of the EUROSAI Project Group on “Audit of Responses to COVID 19 Pandemic”

COVID-19 pandemic, which has rapidly taken hold of the whole world and has soon turned into a global problem, has made it necessary for the SAIs to observe the exceptional effect of COVID-19 on governments and policies and unprecedented reactions and decide right away on how they will play the sensitive role they have in this process.

Within EUROSAI, the SAIs of the UK and Finland, which consider this necessity and aim to reveal the role of the SAIs in the management of the pandemic crisis, has started an extensive cooperation initiative and formed the EUROSAI Project Group on “Audit of Responses to COVID 19 Pandemic”. The SAI of the UK is the chairman and the SAI of Finland is the vice chairman of the Project Group, which is open to all EUROSAI members and targets an extensive communication and cooperation network.

The Project Group has started its works at a great pace and excitement with the opening Webinar held on 4 June 2020. The Project Group addresses the Responses to COVID 19 Pandemic in a system of four stages including “preparation, response, exit strategy and management of long-term effects” and focuses primarily on healthcare services, extensive emergency response plans and policies for protecting economy. The main purposes of the Project Group are: to ensure the coordination and communication of COVID-19 works of the EUROSAI members, to facilitate the sharing of the audit approaches and outputs of members by designing a tool such as the COVID-19 audit program, and to determine the scope for the “reports on the lessons learned” that are likely to be published in the upcoming periods.

During the roundtable meetings to be held online between the dates of 16- 24 June 2020, discussions will be made on the status of COVID-19 in the participating countries, relevant audit plans of countries, and the activities and subjects that should be included in the Operational Plan of the Project Group.

The outcomes of the said round table meetings will be addressed in the Webinar, which is planned to be organized on 2 July 2020.

The progress report of the Project Group, which plans to carry out its works through online meetings, will be presented in the 11th EUROSAI Congress in 2021.



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