A Notification about the XI EUROSAI Congress

As we all witness as EUROSAI Community, COVID-19 pandemic, which spreads rapidly in Europe, as in the rest of the world, unfortunately, greatly limits both our social and professional life and negatively affects our health and the welfare of our countries. The adverse events about COVID-19 have necessarily been affecting many activities planned within the EUROSAI Community in the near future as well as in the medium term and inevitably creating uncertainties.

Undoubtedly, preparations for the XIth Congress, which the SAI of the Czech Republic has been conducting for a considerable time with excitement and great success along with close cooperation with all members, have also been negatively affected by the recent developments. Countries take very strict measures to combat the virus, and unfortunately, how long these measures will continue to remains uncertain.

Under these circumstances, the Coordination Team in consultation with Mr. Miloslav Kala, the President of SAI of the Czech Republic, discussed the possibility of postponement of the Congress which might be a safer option for all participants. And as you all know, SAI of the Czech Republic announced the postponement to all EUROSAI community to a later date.

Please be sure that that will be taken regarding the XIth Congress and the next process

I wish each of you and your country healthy and strong days, with your families and colleagues.

EUROSAI Presidency



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