Joint Seminar EUROSAI-AFROSAI is approaching

Joint Seminar EUROSAI-AFROSAI on Sharing experiences about auditing for SDGs: A view from different regions – will be held in Lisboa on 21-22 November 2019.

The initiative aims at sharing practices and experiences in the field of auditing for the accomplishment of UN agenda 2030, thus contributing, simultaneously, to the fulfillment of goals, projects and/or tasks included in the Strategic Plans of INTOSAI, AFROSAI and EUROSAI related to Sustainable Development Goals.

Through this seminar, participants will reflect on the experience and lessons learned from auditing preparedness for SDG implementation, and also from auditing specific SDGs and present relevant audit findings, recommendations and reports from AFROSAI and EUROSAI Supreme Audit Institutions.

This will be also the occasion to celebrate the 170th anniversary of Tribunal de Contas of Portugal.



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