To coordinate and monitor on a regular basis the execution of the EUROSAI Operational Plan

• Regular monitoring and reviewing of the EUROSAI Operational Plan

• Functioning of a more simplified and effective reporting system which highligts the fundamental strategic issues and respective possible actions to be addressed.

Project on “Reaching out to all EUROSAI Members: Visualisation of the EUROSAI Operational Plan and Encouraging Members’ Participation”

CT members,EUROSAI Secretariat (Spain) and Guests

1) Progress on the implementation of the Strategic Plan is followed closely. 

2) Overlap between different implementing bodies is minimised and synergies are maximised.

3) EUROSAI is able to respond more quickly, effectively and with agility to new developments.

IIQ 2020

EUROSAI Portfolıo Holders’
Operatıonal Plannıng Framework