To review, revise and where necessary draft the main EUROSAI Regulations to reflect the enhancements of the governance, structure and modus operandi of EUROSAI foreseen in the ESP 2017-2023

Project Group on “Drafting General Procedures and Other Related Documents in Accordance with the New Governance Framework”

 EUROSAI President (Turkey) as leader and SAIs of Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Portugal as participants

1. Preparation of the General Procedures for the Implementation of ESP (replacing the current General Procedures for EUROSAI Goal Teams; EUROSAI Planning, Monitoring and Reporting Requirements; and EUROSAI Communication Framework)

2. Annexes of General Procedures such as Terms of Reference

3. Any other documents deemed necessary

IIQ 2020

Project Group on Drafting General Procedures and Other Related Documents in Accordance with the New Governance Framework

Duration: July 2017-March 2018

As Presidency and holder of Overall Governance and Culture Portfolio, the Turkish Court of Accounts (TCA) established a Project Group (PG) in July 2017 to draft General Procedures which will serve as a basic guidance on the role, the composition, the responsibilities and planning, monitoring and reporting requirements of EUROSAI bodies and actors as well as the coordination and communication between them.

The drafting process, which was activated by the PG meeting held in Antalya between 27-28 September 2017 with the participation of SAIs of Turkey, Czech Republic, Spain, Sweden, Poland, Portugal and Germany (via videoconferenece), was finalized with the consolidation process and approved at the 49th GB meeting held in Gdansk, Poland in March 2018.

The guidance of these general procedures is so vital to facilitate the institutionalization of new agile and flexible governance structure and make EUROSAI more participatory and responsive to emerging issues.


EUROSAI Portfolıo Holders’
Operatıonal Plannıng Framework