To coordinate and monitor on a regular basis the execution of the EUROSAI Operational Plan

Project Group on Reaching out to all EUROSAI Members: Visualisation of the EUROSAI Operational Plan and Encouraging Members’ Participation

Turkish Court of Accounts (SAI of Turkey) as the leader and EUROSAI Secretariat, and any other interested SAIs as participants

1) Creation of a platform where EUROSAI’s key players (portfolio holders, PG leaders, among others) publicize the results of their work.

2) Increased transparency within EUROSAI, more visibility of the results of EUROSAI activities and more facilities for SAIs to identify potential projects to join.

3) More opportunity to all members to share their works, feedbacks and impressions regarding the EUROSAI events and activities.

IIQ 2020

Project aims to make EUROSAI activities connected to the ESP 2017-2023 more visible and known by the Organization’s members, in order to reach out to all EUROSAI community and encourage active participation of its members. The project encourages EUROSAI’s key players to share the outputs of their work through an agile and flexible platform. 

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