1.3. To facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experience within EUROSAI and with external stakeholders and partners

To highlight and disseminate up-to-date information to the EUROSAI Members on Emerging Issues

SAI Finland (GB and SAIs volunteering)

* To highlight emerging issues, produce and distribute information of the issues (to be defined whether via newsletter or EUROSAI website)

* Follow-up and monitoring of the audit field; including the analysis related to the operational environment of the SAIs and relevant stakeholders

* To contribute to the strategical planning work of the Governing Board and EUROSAI as a whole by raising awareness and to highlight up-coming issues and at the same time to support discussion of the goals of EUROSAI - forward thinking aspect

* Interaction related to the emrging issues among EUROSAI society when and where appropriate

Yearly report on monitoring results to the Go

NAOF Portfolio Emerging Issues and Forward Thinking

Emerging Issues Cards

Conclusions from Emerging Issues Workshop 20-21 November 2019

Summary of the EUROSAI Web-based Dialogue on Emerging Issues

EUROSAI Portfolıo Holders’
Operatıonal Plannıng Framework